Adult Stem cells are produced in the bone marrow and released into the blood stream. The blood carries these stem cells to all parts of the body in an ongoing repair process. Stem cells are cells that do not have any distinct expression until they reach the target tissue. Once inside the target tissue, they convert into this tissue. So adult stem cells can become new brain, kidney, liver, adrenal, eye, cartilage, discs, heart cells or any tissue of the body.

The more stem cells you have in the blood stream the more healing and repair of any tissue of the body can occur. At the age of 20 you have your 100% optimum level of stem cells. At the age of 35 your stem cell levels have declined by 50%. At the age of 65 your stem cell levels have declined by 90%. The level of circulating stem cells determines if you will heal at all. The higher the amount of stem cells the more likely you will heal.

Stem cell nutrition is a whole new branch of nutrition that has only recently been discovered. Based upon my near 29 years as a health care professional I can say with certainty that stem cell nutrition is the most important form of nutrition you can spend your money on.

StemEnhance¬ģ ULTRA has been proven to increase stem cell levels by 34% within 2 hours of taking it. Thus supporting the most powerful means of healing in the body.