Dr. Jeanne Petan

Dr. Jeanne Petan has a bachelor’s degree in Divinity, a master’s degree in Clinical Psychotherapy, and a PhD in Nutripathic Science.  She is a true Naturalist. Her fondest childhood memories are being with the goats, chicks, rabbits and lambs on her Great Uncles Farm in Ohio. As she grew up, she was a Brownie and a Girl Scout working on woodland crafts, camping and canoeing through the mountains. She and her husband spent years back packing in the Smokey Mountains and Colorado. Her husband used to say she was obsessed with her books, “Medicine from the Earth” and “Edible Wild Foods”. She gleaned an understanding of how nature works in harmony with our health. Her love and understanding of Nature have brought her to create High Hawk Land Sanctuary, a protected environment for plants and animals. She says, “You know it is truly spring when the Mallard Ducks come back to have their young. The closer you are to natural processes the more your body recovers it’s natural healing abilities.”

Our mission

We want to empower you with self knowledge.

The Science of Natural Healing focuses on the overall needs of the body to support personalized optimal functioning. We do not focus on disease. We focus on contamination of the body by bacteria, virus, yeast, fungus, parasites, and environmental toxins that are the underlying cause of all “dis-ease”.

The identification process is made through Live Cell Microscopic Analysis of the body’s fluids…


(What is the body needing to eliminate –

How can that be supported?)


The lymph system

(What is the body trying to pull from cells?)

One drop of blood

(How active is circulation

and oxygenation of cells?)

The understanding of the body’s toxins, strengths, and weaknesses is mandatory for symptom relief and to start the regeneration process.

You will have this information immediately to comprehend your challenges and the opportunity to heal yourself.

During your appointment you will participate in creating the perfect dietary program to compliment your body chemistry.

Your body will identify the most beneficial all-natural supplements, herbals and homeopathic remedies through biofeedback.

Contact Us

Dr. Petan wants to know; ” Are you are ready to LOVE yourself and the damaged child within to heal now?”

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We’re open Monday – Thursday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. EST